The Bebe Coterie Baby Plan

co·te·rie ˈkō-tə-(ˌ)rē - an exclusive group, clique

When you choose our Bebe Coterie Baby Plan, you will be welcomed into our indoor or outdoor studio at various stages over the course of your baby’s first year.  In essence, we are forming a partnership with you to capture your growing family.


During your baby’s first 7 days of life, through the first time she lifts her head or sits up alone to those first real steps, we will custom design each session for select clients who want to capture these moments in time – and preserve heirloom treasures that will be a joy to view for decades  to come.

We specialize in Artistic Newborn Baby Photography and Creative Pregnancy Photography.

Why not capture the emotion of this special time of your life with a maternity portrait session, too?

Our Newborn Portrait Session is best held before the baby is 8 days old.

This session should include Mom and/or Dad. The Newborn Photography Session provides parents with beautiful images from the child’s most fleeting time of life.

Our Beginnings Session is held when your baby is sitting up without assistance.

This session will be of baby only.  Gone are the days when your baby would stay where you plopped her.  Most are ready to roll…and scoot, creep, crawl or cruise
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Our one-year Freedom Session includes the whole family - be sure to invite the grandparents!

The baby should be standing without support – it is wonderful if the baby is walking or can take a few steps.
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The important milestones of your baby’s first year of life

Treasured as Art on the walls of your home...cherished for years to come

Fine Art portraits of your cherished baby as a Newborn, 6- to 8-month (sitting), and 12-month (standing/walking) baby with custom, one of a kind photography.

Every home makes a statement about those

who dwell within its walls!


What do you want your home to say about you?


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Masterpiece Framed Wall Art

Why not put the same care and attention into what goes around the portrait as you do the creation of the portrait?  Masterpiece Framed Legacy Art is meticulously hand crafted by artisans to compliment your work of art in every way

Frameless Wall Art

Whether your personal style is bold and modern or cozy and traditional, our Frameless Wall Art is as unique as you are — perfect for your home of distinction in your choice of Gallery Wrap, Bamboo, Steel and Ice

Want to learn more about Family Portraits?

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We consider ourselves storytellers that use photography as our medium. We typically work with moms and dads who realize that their children won’t be young forever. They all say, “Where did the time go?”  

We can’t stop time! That’s why parents commission Ever After to create beautiful heirloom portraits of their children and family so they can decorate their home with the ones they love. Your moments...forever.

The heirloom products that we create are museum quality and rated to last 150 years. They are heirloom legacy pieces handed down to your children so they can treasure the memories of YOU and their childhood long after each is gone -- and then they will hand them down to THEIR children, to become even more valued as years pass. It’s this type of heirloom artwork that if a disaster struck, you would grab your kids, your cat and these portraits because they mean that much to you...

If you cherish your family, value fine art portraits and want your moments captured forever...


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