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Newborns are delightful for us as photographers – even if they can be somewhat exhausting for the new parents! As Joriana’s mom, Mindy already knew quite a bit about newborns before she ever picked a camera professionally. Even so, our baby photography work in the Waterford, VA area has taught us quite a bit about newborns.

Working with infants and children is never dull for us. It means we have to do careful preparation for their session and keeps us nimble during the session. Children and baby photography are one of the most enjoyable aspects of our family photography practice!

Here are a few interesting things you might not know about newborn babies:

• Their fontanel, the soft spot on their skull, might pulsate because it’s over the blood vessels covering the brain.
• Newborns won’t respond to you with coos or smiles until after about the six-week mark.
• Newborns are nearsighted so you’ll need to get within eight to ten inches of their face so they can see you. That works to our advantage during our newborn sessions! You end up with gorgeous close-up baby pictures to treasure.
• After the first week of life, you can expect about five to six wet diapers a day, and at least one or two stools.
• Dry skin in newborns isn’t unusual!
• By their third month of life, most infants can sleep for about six-to-eight-hour stretches at night. Before that, it’s more like two-to-three-hour stretches.
• Newborns have a “startle reflex.” When they are startled by sudden movements or loud noises near them, they will shake or jitter, throw their arms back and forth – as if you told them to hold their arms up during a bank robbery.

As an experienced baby photography studio in the Waterford, VA area, we are happy to answer your questions or to schedule an appointment for a portrait session for your newborn or child. We look forward to hearing from you!


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