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Baby crawling on sofa.

The baby arrives and before you can blink it is  time to start thinking about babyproofing the house.  This definitely needs to be done before your little ones starts to crawl.  Once the baby is mobile then there are all kinds of dangers that need to be avoided.  Planning ahead while you are still pregnant gives you a headstart and saves a lot of last minute scrambling.

Here is some great advice from Babyproofing Essentials from Mom.me.

Baby Gates-putting these up controls where your baby how far your baby can travel so you can keep him in your line of vision at all times.

Outlets-all of these should be covered

Table Corners– Either make or buy foam cushions to protect baby from any sharp edges.

Bathroom Sinks and Cleaning Supplies – All cabinets containing dangerous household chemicals should be secured that the baby can not access it.

Dressers-need to be secured to the wall to avoid it fall on your toddler.

Toxic plants-Plants can be very dangerous for babies as they love to put things in their mouth.  Leaves, stems and berries can cause serious harm to the infant.

Here is a list of toxic plants

Toilet lock – A child can drown in just an inch or two of water.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Oven Lock- Keeping baby safe from dangerous heat and burns

Garbage-Have a secure way of keeping garbage out of baby’s hands and mouth.

Door stops and holders-Keep those little fingers from getting pinched or hurt.

Windows-cords from blinds or curtains can be hazard to baby.  Protect windows with cord winders and screen guards.  If at all possible keep windows closed around the baby.

One other very important safeguard is the baby’s crib.  Once the baby  can pull himself up, move the mattress to the lowest position.  Also take out any objects from the crib that the baby could use to step on to try and make the great escape!!!   Doing a few safety things will keep you sane and keep the baby safe!

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