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Specializing in newborn photography as we do, we have no doubts about saying this: There is no more famous child photographer than Anne Geddes – whether it’s here in little, ol’ Dulles, VA or anywhere in the world. Ms. Geddes is world famous for her iconic and whimsical children’s portraits often featuring twins. Last year in an article on she offered tips to parents on how to take great baby photos. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best in the busines, thanks to and Ms. Geddes.

If you want a truly special and unique newborn portrait, you should always have a professional photographer; however, you’ll most like want to snap some photos (probably many photos!) of your baby yourself. Below are excerpts from Ms. Geddes’ sage advice for baby photography. After all, you can’t have a professional photographer with you every moment!

Be prepared
Keep a camera handy at all times – even your camera phone. The more accustomed your baby is to being photographed, the more natural your pictures will be. Having a camera handy at all times makes it far easier to take those fabulous candid shots.

Keep your background simple to let your baby take “center stage” in the image. We’d add to make sure your background doesn’t somehow “clash” with your baby.

Always get down to eye level with your baby or child!

Be ready
Safety first when taking a child’s picture! Second, making certain that you take photos when they are fed, happy and comfortable and at their happiest will make for better pictures.

Let there be light
For snapshots, it is always more flattering to use the soft directional light from a window than the harsh light of a flash.

Time of Day
If you’re taking pictures outside, try to take advantage of the early morning or late afternoon light. The midday sun can be especially harsh on your baby’s perfect skin!

You don’t need an expensive camera to take a great photograph, because the best image begins in your heart, inspired by your baby. So even if you don’t have the latest phone with the best camera, go for it.

The loveliest shots of your baby will most likely be candid ones.

Forget the props
The photograph is not about the props. (No flowerpots, please!) It’s just about your beautiful baby.

Make it personal
Take pictures in settings that have meaning for you. Making your images personal gives them an even deeper resonance.

They grow so fast
Remember, babies are only this tiny for such a short time. You might not believe it now, but you’ll forget how small your baby was in the beginning, so try to show your baby’s size in relation to the surroundings. For example, images of a baby’s hand in a family member’s hand are so poignant because they capture that sense of scale.

Put it in context
Try for a sense of place, as well. A background that “sets” the image for you helps bring the story to mind when viewed years later.

Put yourself in the picture
Do try to include yourself in as many photographs with your family as possible. Your children will want to know what you looked like “way back then” when they were babies and as they grew up.

Save, save, save
Download your images regularly and keep them organized. When saving your images, try to add a keyword that will help you find the image later for a greeting card or scrapbook. Instead of “Amy, Summer,” try “Amy 6mo in hat” – something memorable, so you can locate it more easily months or years later. We would add this: Always, always PRINT your images. They are valuable and irreplaceable. Files can be corrupted; prints last much, much longer.

Shoot some video
Moving pictures of those small spontaneous moments will be precious additions to your keepsakes.

We have a confession: We aren’t Anne Geddes. But we think you knew that already! We are, however, a top family and child photographer in the Northern Virginia area, including Dulles, VA. We work with families across the Metropolitan area, and it would be our privilege to work with you and your child.


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