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As a Broadlands, VA area newborn photographer, we know the energy, love, and commitment parents put into doing professional pictures of their new baby. They will enjoy the results for decades and decades! So when a parent asks us if they can just have their pictures on a CD/DVD because they’re too tired or too busy with their newborn to select images to be printed, we smile; we nod; we understand; but we will always ask: Why, oh, why? Why go through the effort of planning and ordering professional newborn photography here in Northern VA and then not have anything tangible (and beautiful) to show for it?

Into a desk drawer?

What will you do with that CD/DVD holding your newborn’s precious portraits? Most clients in the past who have asked for DVDs thinking that they will order prints one day soon, tell us years later that the DVD is still sitting in a desk drawer somewhere. They never got around to ordering a beautifully mounted portrait of their baby!

“It’s cheaper.” No, actually, it’s not.

Most of our Northern VA clients are pretty technologically savvy. However, some don’t realize that it is not cheaper to order their portraits on a DVD instead of printing. It’s not easier or cheaper, and here’s why: We spend a lot of time preparing for your portrait session. We put a lot of work, thought and pre-planning into every session, so it turns out perfectly. We don’t ask a client when they book their session if they plan on ordering a DVD so we can take less time planning their session. The same amount of time and planning goes into every single portrait session for every single client.

Technology today isn’t technology tomorrow.

Do you still own cassette tapes or a VCR? You probably don’t. Why? Because that technology is outdated. But, what will replace our current method of storing pictures on DVDs? Your guess is as good as ours! Will you need to transfer your pictures off of a DVD in two years or five years or ten?

Lastly, technology (and users) aren’t perfect. Things do go wrong, and things can disappear – like photos and the DVD holding them! DVDs and CDs can and do fail, and become corrupted with their contents irretrievable.

We always advise our clients and friends to order wall art, along with an album or portrait box. If you want a digital copy as well for archival purposes, we do include those with our wall art orders. If you want advice or help on how to share your photos via social media, we can assist you with that, too!

Museum quality photographic art

Our printed portraits and other products are of museum-quality printing. We offer printed and mounted portraits and albums not because we make more money off of them — actually, portrait albums take us a significant amount of time to create — we encourage printed products because we know that they will give you the most satisfaction, the most joy and that decades from now, you will still be able to enjoy them!

If you have any questions about digital versus printed portraits, please call us. We are happy to discuss this with you. As a Broadlands, VA area newborn photographer, we believe in providing our clients with a high-quality customer experience!


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