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Love is on everyone’s mind these days with Valentine’s Day just a week away! Our newborn photography in the Great Falls, VA area affords us the delightful opportunity to interact frequently with babies, families, and even love itself!

Working with a portrait photography studio to commemorate the lives of your children through portraiture is a beautiful legacy you create for them to enjoy as adults. However, there are many other ways, of course, to demonstrate your love for your newborn.

Here are five of our favorite ways to express love for your baby:

1. Tell your baby you love them while you cuddle them. They might not understand the words yet, but they will begin to equate the soothing and loving sounds of your voice with the phrase and, more importantly, with the feel of your love.

2. Document and display their lives. Proudly recording and displaying your baby’s portraits is an excellent way to validate your love and reinforce your words for them through the positive imagery of their precious lives.

3. Studies have shown that spending quality time with very young children and chatting with them helps them to develop vocabulary. Spend time talking to them and pointing out things while shopping, driving, or walking with them. Show them the world around them!

4. Keep your anger in check. Yes, caring for a newborn is hard work! When your patience is wearing thin, it’s time for a hand-off to a trusted person.

5. Begin creating family traditions early in your baby’s life. It helps to build strong family bonds for the years ahead!

Our newborn photography work in the Great Falls, VA area allows us to be a small part of our clients’ lives. It’s such a pleasure for us to help them document their love for their children through our portraits. We have a profound appreciation for the legacy they are creating for their children. If you would like to schedule a portrait session for your baby, please contact us to discuss our newborn portraits and products.


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