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Any reputable Northern Virginia newborn photographer, particularly here in the Broad Run, VA and Ashburn Village, VA areas, will tell you that size does matter. If a portrait, especially a wall-hung picture, is too small, you lose many of the details which help make a fine art portrait the piece of art it is. So, how do you know what’s the best size?

If you’ve gone through the investment – financial and time – to have professional portraits, do you want to waste it on a tiny-sized picture to hang on a wall? Professional photographers (including a child photographer), recommend that portraits be somewhere between 60 to 70 percent of real-life size if you want to be able to see facial details. With each additional person in the picture, you should go up a size.

Below, you can see the to-scale guide to understanding how different print sizes would look relative to your living space.

See the difference?! A good rule of thumb test is to do the following: Assuming the portrait has been adequately lit, try hanging the picture and step back three steps. Can you still see the color of the subject’s eyes? If you can’t, the portrait is too small. A family portrait of three family members needs to be a minimum of a 20” × 30” inches to be fully appreciated.

From a design perspective, you should keep in mind that once you hang art, the space around it becomes negative space. The negative space “swallows” the portrait and makes it appear smaller than it is. While an 8” x 10” desktop picture looks beautiful on your desk because you’re standing or sitting close to it, on a wall an 8″ x 10″ will appear tiny.

Here is an example:

See how small that 8×10 is on the wall?!

Sizing for your Wall

Once you provide us with your smartphone picture of the wall in your home where you intend to display your portrait, we can show you exactly how the portrait will look like on that wall using our design software. With that software, we can create wall concepts and show them to you directly on the smartphone images of your walls. This software is a phenomenal product able to show you just what your portrait will look like in your home! You avoid having to guess what a certain picture size might look like. An appropriately sized picture can make or break your design in that space!

See what a showstopper the image below is when it’s appropriately sized for the wall?

Now here it is framed.

We can also show you what a wall grouping would look like on your wall! We can show you a variety of sizes displayed to create a showcase wall that stops you in your tracks.

It would be our pleasure to create custom, heirloom artwork for you of those you cherish. As a Northern Virginia newborn photographer working throughout Broad Run, VA and Ashburn Village, VA, we would love to work with you and introduce you to Ever After’s phenomenal client experience! We promise you will be impressed!


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